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Bridge 21

Bridge 21

We were delighted to work with Trinity College and Bridge21 this year, they held many workshops for our students and teachers.   So far we have looked at planning and development of the school, Phenomenon based learning, Collaboration and lesson planning  We are now working on assessment practices and procedures alongside the other new Educate Together Secondary Schools.

Kathy Jones
Creative Engagement


Our Creative Engagement project has just been finalised -  each of our students have worked with a stained glass artist to design and createtheir own unique piece. The final product will be installed in the window of our new school canteen.  It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to taking part in a Creative Engagement project in the future.

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Kathy Jones
Lenny Abrahamson Visit


The school recently hosted a visit from film director Lenny Abrahamson. Lenny is involved with the Educate Together 120 Campaign .Lenny was hugely impresses with our school and students and calling us ‘positive, joyful, inclusive’!  The students enjoyed listening to Lenny who talked about his directing career and where his inspiration for his movies comes from.  We had many questions for him, many of our students spoke about their attempts at making i movies for some of their classes.

Kathy Jones
Restorative Practice Workshop

On the 12th of January we held a Restorative Practices Introduction Workshop for the entire school community.  Students Parents and Teachers worked together for the day.  Michelle Stowe from delivered the workshop.    It was a very successful day .  The workshop was designed to promote positive relationships and communication.  It will help to inform our Code of Positive Behaviour review.  We enjoyed working together!

Kathy Jones

Students have developed skills and knowledge around safety in the lab. They now recognise various health and safety issues in the lab as well as the preventative measures needed to avoid these hazards. Students have investigated the structure of animal and plant cells and related them to their function. They made  physical models of the cells out of recycled material and were assessed on content knowledge and the key skills of creativity, communication and teamwork. Students have also observed the organisation and characteristics of life. Check out our Twitter page @BrePEandSci.

Kathy Jones

Hello I'm Kevin and I'm the History teacher here at Bremore E.T.S.S. So far this year we have looked at the important work of the historian and the archaeologist and compiled materials for a school time-capsule. This will be opened in 2022 when our current first years will be preparing to leave Bremore as well-rounded, intelligent and compassionate young people ready to embark on the next phase of their lives!

For the past few weeks we have been studying the ancient past and piecing together the history of the first peoples to settle on the island of Ireland. I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead full of field trips to galleries and museums, cross-curricular projects, studying the local history of Balbriggan and to learning about ancient civilizations such as the Celts and Romans, life in Medieval Ireland and studying the great works of Renaissance artisans. I look forward to working with everyone over the coming year.


Kathy Jones

Over the past weeks Art students have been learning key skills in drawing, and using their drawing skills for investigation, research and design. Have a look at the great sketchpad work featured as students are developing their skills through homework drawings.

Fantastic work is being done on our African birds sculpture project, each student has made a unique freestanding sculpture using recycled materials which will be decorated according to their individual design plans.

Each student should be very proud of the high standard of work they have accomplished in Art class, it is wonderful to see emerging talent and the consistent hard work is truly paying off.


Kathy Jones

Coding is now in full swing at the minute. Students are learning about algorithms, commands and de-bugging at present. In each lesson, the students explore these aspects of coding by applying them to real life situations, for example; teaching someone how to dance or giving instructions to their classmates about certain tasks. Once students are confident about the principles they explore by carrying out these tasks they apply them in a coding programme called ‘swift playgrounds’ which is currently apples most popular coding app. The progress of each individual student in this subject is clear to see. 

Kathy Jones
Our First Week!

Our first two weeks started off with a focus on building relationships, belonging, working together and active learning.  Some of the activities involved making wish balloons, Irish dancing, learning names, talking about the expectations of students and teachers, learning about new subjects and trying out new ways to learn.  

The whole school went on a trip to Glendalough  in Co. Wicklow.  Students got to try out their research and presenting skills while thier.  Wriggle came to the school to deliver the students ipads, this cause great excitement.  The Bridge 21 Team came into  the school  to work with the students using the iMovie App and active teaching methodologies, the classrooms and corridors became alive with activity.  

Check out our gallery for more photos!

Kathy Jones
Opening of the First North Fingal Educate Together Secondary School

Bremore Educate Together Secondary School opened its doors for the first time on Monday 29th of August, welcoming its first intake of  40 students who will begin to set the standards and ethos for the students that come after them as the school builds towards an ultimate capacity of 1,000.

The school has partnered with Trinity College's 'Bridge 21' programme which draws on expertise from some of the tech giants operating in Ireland to research and deliver, up-to-the-minute technology and teaching methods to the classroom.

There was a media frenzy both in and outside the building with both television presenters and local newspapers present.  The excitment around the school was evident!

Sandra Irwin-Gowran, Educate Together, Education & Support Programme Manager welcomed the Parents Students and Friends to the school, she then introduced Educate Together CEO Paul Row who said he was very excited about the opening of Bremore ETSS.  He told the audience "This is a big step forward for the very large number of parents who send their children to Educate Together National School.  We have two very large Educate Together Schools here in Balbriggan and we're absolutely delighted to be able to provide a really excellent child centered ethical educational environment for the secondary education of the children.  We're very impressed by the high quality team that have come to work here in the school.  This will be a path finding, innovative secondary school and it is really going to serve the people of Balbriggan for a very long time to come" 

Principal Kathy Jones welcomed the students and Parents to the school, saying 'Our school is like the beginning of a painting on a big canvas. We have our design brief, it places the student at its center. Our students, teachers and parents are the artists, we will provide them with their tools, the pallet is as bright as our school logo! It is my hope that we paint a happy, vibrant, welcoming school, one where every student feels a real sense of belonging. I want to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who has contributed to this milestone - thank you!'

Check out the gallery for photos of the day.

Kathy Jones
1st Year 2016 Parent and Student Meeting
school balbriggan

We will hold a meeting for incoming students and parents on Monday 27th of June at 6.30pm in our temporary building (currently Colaiste Ghlor na Mara on the Naul Road)  It will allow you and your child a chance to see the building we will be in in September.  You will also have a chance to meet some of the new teachers.  We will also be talking about the Time Table and the Second Level Induction Week. Gary from Wriggle will be there to help you with any issues around the purchase of iPads (please note the iPad store will close on the 8th of August to allow for the upload of eBooks, apps, office365 and preparation for deployment.)

If you know of other students and parents who are coming to our school in September, I would be grateful if you would alert them about this meeting. Please note if you have any outstanding documentation for your child it can be brought to the meeting.  

Fred Jones
Admissions and Recruitment

Great excitement!  

We are now recruiting new teachers for Bremore Educate Together Secondary School, you can find information about the posts on our careers page of the website.  Do you know anyone that would like to teach in our school?  Take a look at our teaching and learning statement on the career page, if they fit the bill, tell them about us!

I am arranging visits to the local primary schools during the month of May to tell the students that admission for 1st year 2017 will open at the end of the month.  Do you know a child in 5th class, please tell them about us! There are limited places available in 1st year 2016.

Fred Jones
A Quick Update!

A Quick Update

Just a quick update on what’s been happening at Bremore Educate Together Secondary School.   It has been a very busy few months.  The permanent building is underway and is expected to be completed in 2017.  We will be moving into our temporary accommodation on the Naul Road in August.  We are very fortunate with our temporary accommodation as it has everything you need to run a school.   
As you can see we are very excited about the launch of our new website and logo.  We hope this new website provides you with all the information you need about Bremore Educate Together Secondary School.  Thank you to the students who contributed logo ideas and a critical analysis of the designs.   All of these students will receive a reward when school starts.   I would also like to thank the Interim Board for their work and input into the design.  We hope the website and logo portray our schools vision for a new model of second-level school, and depicts a vibrant, welcoming school community.

I have really enjoyed my time in Ballymakenny College, it has been a great experience to work with a school that is two years ahead of us in their development.   I’ve enjoyed meeting many new and experienced Principals, visiting different schools and attending the Educate Together Principals’ Conference and the JMB Conference.   
Thank you for the many offers of help from parents and guardians which you communicated via the phone and by email. This has all been logged and I am now clearer about the skill-set we have available to us.

The Wriggle store is now open for the purchase of iPads and eBooks you can find a link to it on the Equipment Page of the website.  You will also find an equipment list for 1st years there.  We’ll be meeting again at some point in May this will be outlined in the Newsletter.
Finally, we are in the process of setting up a new email system and are working towards a system where all staff and students have individual email accounts.


Fred Jones