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2017/2018 School Year

Welcome Back

I would like to welcome all our pupils and families back from their summer holidays and wish everyone an enjoyable and successful school year for 2017/2018.  Welcome to all of our new families joining the school, we hope to get to know you all over the course of the year.  Parents are welcome to take part in the many events run in the school each year by the teachers and parent’s council. 


Parents Council

We have an active parent’s council and we would encourage you to get involved or attend some of the activities organised.  Last year our parents worked with us to help develop our Positive Behaviour Policy; we will have more opportunity for this type of activity this year. Getting involved will allow us to build good relationships and enable us to work as a team as your child progresses through the school.  Talking to other parents may provide you with some support as your child becomes a teenager.  Being involved in your child’s school life shows them that you are invested in their education.


Morning Supervision

Starting from Monday, September 4th, for all pupils, the school will be providing supervision from 8.20am.  Students should not arrive any earlier to school.

Students must arrive on time; late arrival will be managed using our Code of Positive Behaviour.  Parents support is appreciated.


Dress Code

Please familiarise yourself with the school dress code, it can be found on the school website .  Please note some students are wearing flip flops/sliders to school, they are not suitable for PE class or activities that may happen throughout the day, for health and safety reasons, and therefore they should not be worn to school.


Contacting School

1.       Calling to the school. If during class times, you have a message for a pupil or wish to contact the teacher, please call firstly to the secretary’s office.  Please do not call your child on their phone as they are not allowed to use mobile phones during class times.

2.       If your child rings you from their mobile during the school day.  Please remind them not to use their personal phone to call home, if they ask in the office they will be allowed to call home.  If they have an issue or problem please encourage them to seek assistance from any staff member or in the office.

3.       Forgotten Equipment and Lunches.  Now that your child is in Secondary School we are trying to encourage them to become more independent, therefore if they leave lunch or equipment at home, they should not ask their parents to bring the items to the school.

4.       Absent notes/Letters to the teacher. There is a section in the school diary for parents to write notes.  You child’s Tutor is the first port of call.

5.       Text Alerts.  The school uses a texting system to alert parents of various activities, if you change phone number or any other contact details, please ensure that your contact details are updated in the office as soon as possible.


School Carpark

The school carpark is for staff cars only, parents can drop off and collect students.  Please note there is a one-way system in place, please drive in the second gate. Please drive slowly.


Healthy Lunches

Until we have a canteen in place in our new building, all students are asked to bring in a healthy lunch.  Students will be awarded VSware points if the staff see them eating healthy nutritious food.  Fizzy drinks are not allowed.



Unfortunately the delivery of 1st Year lockers has been delayed by 12 weeks.  This is disappointing but is unavoidable.  We hope by the time we have moved into the new building, the lockers will be installed.  We will keep you informed on any developments.



From next week, all students will have homework/home learning.  Homework will be recorded in the student’s diary.  Parents should sign the diary each night when the homework is completed.  To help your child meet the homework deadlines you might put a calendar up in the house and ask them to mark in when Homework is due.  Some children may need more help than others with organisation skills.  Parents support is appreciated.


School Trips

School trips are part of the curriculum, students must attend all trips organised.  Permission slips will be sent out for all school trips; students must get them signed by a parent and return it to school.  If they do not have a permission slip, they will have to remain in the school and work will be set for them.  This is to be discouraged, as supervision would need to be provided.  Parents support in this matter is appreciated.


Key Skills

This year we are focusing on the Junior Cycle Key Skills.  Key skills help learners develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to face the many challenges in today’s world. They also support students in learning how to learn and to take responsibility for their own learning.  Parents should familiarise themselves with the language of key skills as you will hear your child using this language throught the year.

Managing Information and Thinking

Managing Myself

Working with Others


Being Creative

Staying Well

Being Numerate

Being Literate


JuniorCycle Key Skills.png



Ailna Carr