Bremore Educate Together Secondary School

Transition Year

Transition Year

Transition year is compulsory for all students in Bremore Educate Together Secondary School

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Transition Year is a one-year programme between the end of the Junior Cycle and the start of a Leaving Certificate programme.  The main goal of a TY programme is to promote maturity.  Transition Year should assist each individual develop himself or herself as a person.  Through a Transition Year programme young people should become more independent learners.  Transition Year aims to help young people prepare for adult life, especially through contact with workplaces and career interest.

Our transition year programme timetable is designed around on four layers.

• Core Subjects: these are the subject typically timetabled for the entire year and are LC and JC subjects e.g. Irish, English, Maths.

• Subject Sampling: these are typically optional Leaving Certificate subjects that will be offered in our school, tailored to suit the TY programme. For example; Biology, Construction Studies, Accounting, Physics. There are various timetabling options for subject sampling, including block rotation or optional choice.

• TY Modules or Subjects: these are specific to TY that may include NCCA Transition Units, Self Defence, First Aid, etc.

• Once-off or Calendar: these are events or activities that take place on specific dates or times during the TY year, such as work experience, tours or trips, musicals etc.

There are many factors that influence the design and timetabling of the programme including financial, human and geographical resources.

We are currently planning information sessions for parents and students.